July 2010
Farm Fresh Memories

I Have to Eat There — I Would Love to Eat There Again!!

My Personal Recollection of
Past and Present Good Eatin’

It was Saturday near ‘bouts 2 P.M. Joyce and I was a ridin’ in the Polaris cross Potter’s Mud Creek Farm. We were a discussin’ good country vittles. I had just offered her a special "Thank You" for some fine noon-day vittles of a smothered pork chop bake (Vidalia onions, sliced potatoes, mushroom soup), fried okra and corney-corn bread, with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Our discussion continued ‘bout good country vittles, her favorites — mac and cheese, pinto beans, hush puppies, catfish, steak, etc. — and my favorites — her meatloaf and Swiss steak, my green bean casserole, soupy sweet chili, baked ham, steak, omelets, fried squash, green tomatoes and my Daddy "Pop" C.C.’s "best in the world ever" country breakfast. Course there are a few (very few) vittles this Southern country boy will not eat — black-eyed peas, turnip greens.

Actually there are a few vittles Joyce don’t like to eat — carrots, pickles, ribs and cottage cheese, but she purely loves turnip greens and black-eyed peas.

I love to cook myself and the key, for me with cookin’ country vittles or most any foods, is simple recipes with proper seasonin’. Most folk don’t know basic seasonin’ and some folk will eat anythin’ seasoned or not. Actually, as I "think about" vittles and cookin’ today, lots of folk don’t cook on a regular basis, period.

Growin’ up, Heath and Dustin lived off mac and cheese, French fries, skillet corn, hamburgers and chicken fingers. To this day, Heath will take hamburger over steak on any day.

As Joyce and I continued our farm drive, I recollected ‘bout some of my past favorite eatin’ places — Burn’s Mid-City, Singletons BBQ, Woodall’s BBQ, The Fifth Quarter, Whispering Pines, Sparky’s, Gower’s, Fisherman’s Resort, Kent’s, The Townhouse Restaurant, Leon’s, Deenie’s, Princeton’s, Court Street Café, The Blue Goose, Quincy’s, Tina’s Lodge, White Lake, S.D. Most of these eatin’ places have gone with time. A few may still exist, but some, with other folk as with me, only in special memories of great vittles.

Nextly, there is my further recollection of all those places, mostly still operational, I have full anticipation on eatin’ there again as part of my bucket list. In some cases, I plan on goin’ there to fill several more of my buckets. Grace Bishop’s scalloped potatoes and green beans, Bishop’s BBQ, Lloyd’s, The Shrimp Basket, Wintzell’s, Bell Buckle Café, Price’s BBQ House, Mamma Goldberg’s, Good Ole Boy’s, Pick Wick Landing Restaurant, Cracker Barrel Restaurant, Miss Mary Bobo’s, Abe’s Diner, Margarita’s Mexican Grill, Western Sirloin Steak House in Moulton, Oh’Bryan’s, Stanfield’s Steak House, Granny Fish’s, Rolo’s, Dot’s Diner, Russell’s Steak House, Nikki’s, Coldwater Café, Yonah Burger, Dillard House, Blue Willow Inn, O.K. Corral, Barry’s BBQ, Demo’s, and Buffalo’s in Murdo, S.D.

I am sure I failed to pencil down a few of my special favorite eatin’ establishments. Hopefully, I caused a recollection for you of some of your favorite vittles gettin’ places past or present. With me, as for any eatin’, the more folk the merrier. Now, "Are ya’ll hungry?" Then Let’s Eat!!!


Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).