March 2010
Farm Fresh Memories

Flyin' High, Flat Rock Style…


It was Thursday in the early mornin’ time, well before the first rooster crowin’, when Slim rang me on my cellular phone. Beyond a good mornin’ howdy, he offered, "She should come in like a lamb and head out like a lion." He was a referencin’ the third 2010 month or the month of March and big plans for its fourth Saturday.

It was to be the accumulation of lots of Slim’s and The Flat Rock General Store regulars’ idears and plannin’ for the first ever "Flyin’ High, Flat Rock Style, Kite Fest." Moreover there could be one serious concern or dilemma, a lamb or lion day (wind/air levels) means some serious kite flyin’ or no kite flyin’.

Plans was for an all-day to-do (Kite Fest), startin’ with a youth division, teens, adults and seniors broken up with a noonday lunch eatin’ meal. Also, there would be musical presentations by Mr. Harley Hood and friends, and the Baptist ensemble. Slim carried hopes of proper advertisin’ a lurin’ folk from 10 or 20 states and maybe a foreign nation or two for participatin’. Maybe even a havin’ "a way out there" long distance flyin’ high "Kite Fest" winner in each division.

At this here point, my left side listenin’ ear was a turnin’ numb. I offered to Slim that we could finish our first ever "Flyin’ High, Flat Rock Style, Kite Fest" plans after some ear restin’ later in the evening down to The Store.

Followin’ this "Kite Fest" plannin’ and discussin’, I recollected some of my past growin’ up kitin’ experiences —- a roarin’ windy Sunday afternoon behind our house, my Zorro kite just a rollin’ totally unstablized in the heavy wind at about six-feet up. My Daddy "Pop" C.C. put a ten-foot tail on it allowin’ my kite to take on wind, fly high across Town Creek, up the hill, and out over Mr. Ervin and Ms. Doll Boatwright’s house.

Then there’s the time down at the beach when I had my Mighty Mouse kite a flyin’ high over the ocean, almost past eye seein’ and suddenly my string fell in the ocean. My Daddy "Pop" C.C. quickly offerin’ that Captain Jack the Pirate had cut my kite string and was a floatin’ out to sea with my Mighty Mouse kite a flyin’ high b’hind his pirate ship.

I suppose today my grandkids, Kamron, Kole, Ashlyn or Anna Kate, would just turn on the T.V., pick up a Whee stick and start a kitin’ right there in the house on their long screen T.V. Course that would be the safe way --- no trees, power lines, creeks, swirlin’ winds, tails needed or kite highjackins’ by Captain Jack the Pirate. Good Flyin’!!!


Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).