November 2006
Farm Fresh Memories

Farm Fresh Memories


It was a cool crisp Saturday morning about nine a.m. when I walked through the old double front doors of The Flat Rock General Store. You could smell the turpentine off the kindling burning in the old pot-bellied heater. Not cold enough for a roaring fire, Slim had a light smoldering fire goin’ just to create some slight warmth throughout The Store.

All The Store regulars were present includin’ the Widow Cora, Ms. Ida, Farlow and Willerdean, my Daddy “Pop” C.C., “Truth” and Estelle, “Hatch”, S.R., J.R., Harley Hood, Heath, and Dustin. Everybody was munching on something. It didn’t take me long to figure out that Essex had made a big old batch of her famous popcorn balls for all those present.

Bro. had a captive audience and he was handin’ out flyers concern’ the annual Thanksgiving supper down at the Baptist church on the Tuesday night shy of Thanksgiving. This was so as to not interfere with any other area Wednesday night church services and/or Thursday family gatherings. Like all eatin’s, the entire community and area Flat Rock folk are invited; and there would be a plenty of fine home cooked vittles for all those present.

As I settled into my seat along side Farlow, Slim commented something about blessings and pointed to the back wall over behind the old pot bellied heater. There hung a full six-foot piece of white butcher paper along the top in big red marker letters were the words “THANKSGIVING BLESSINGS.”

Below the title words was a rather lengthy list of noted blessings from the regulars and other community and area Flat Rock folk.

Slim commented that as he moved older from year to year he realized the true importance of simple blessings. He then commented that it was his belief that most Flat Rock area folk are “blessed well beyond their worth,” not just at Thanksgiving but all the year through.

I agreed with Slim as I headed out to my pick-up truck to get my camera so as to take a picture of The Flat Rock General Store Thanksgiving blessing’s list. Just maybe I could get Mr. Luke Slaton to note my picture of The Store Thanksgiving blessings list in The Moulton Advertiser. Slim got me to thinking I might just write a special poem to summarize the simple blessings of Flat Rock area folk. ’Course it would fit for folk in general and not just at Thanksgiving.

 We must not forget the place we live,
Our home, shelter proved
——A Simple Blessing

There is little thought
of the food we eat
——A Simple Blessing

We take for granted our body
And the health given us
——A Simple Blessing

It is essential for life,
the clean fresh air we breathe
——A Simple Blessing

It is readily available, clean, pure,
Hot or cold running water
——A Simple Blessing

There is much to cover,
comfort, and protect
Abundant amounts of clothing
——A Simple Blessing

 Beyond walking, we enjoy many forms
Of transportation
——A Simple Blessing

We see it as part of our daily routine,
Our job is our livelihood
——A Simple Blessing

Our family and the
Other people about us, many are
Considered true friends
——A Simple Blessing

Most would be lost without a phone,
Or other ways to communicate
——A Simple Blessing

 As we experience the world about us,
We take for granted so many,
God given
——A Simple Blessing
(Joe Potter - Dec. 2001)

 I truly did experience another special blessing in my Potter family on Monday, September 25th, as my second granddaughter, Anna Kate Potter, was born at 3:30 p.m. She weighed 7lbs. 4ozs., was 20-½ inches long. She has a big sister named Ashlyn Nicole Potter. They both look like their Pap Paw Joe, but belong to my second son, Dustin Potter, and wife Wendy.

I wish for each Farm Fresh Memory reader “simple blessings” at Thanksgiving and all year long…

 Remember Your Heritage!!!

Always, Think Good Memories!!!

Joe Potter is a former vocational agriculture teacher, FFA advisor and retired county agent (Colbert County).