October 2006
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Morgan Co. Cattlemen Award Scholarships

  The Morgan County Cattlemen’s Association announced and recognized its 2006 scholarship winners recently. Scholarship winners are (L-R) with Doug Wigginton, president, Shaunna Brown, Allan Summerford, Spencer Terry and Becky Hampton. Not pictured is Ryan Wallace.
Members of the Morgan County Cattlemen’s Association are not only good at growing beef, they do a good job of cooking it, too. Ask anyone who has sampled their grilled ribeye steak sandwich.

The association got into the steak sandwich business about five years ago because it needed a fundraiser to finance a scholarship program. After buying a commercial grill, its members began grilling ribeyes and serving them in sandwiches at various industry, community and sports events in Morgan and surrounding counties.

The organization began awarding a $750 scholarship to a college of a recipient’s choice four years ago. It gave two scholarships in both the first and second years, four the third year and five in 2006. “We haven’t had a large number of students apply for the scholarships on any year they’ve been awarded, County Association President, Doug Wigginton said. “Perhaps that’s because the program is new and not widely known. We’d like to change that. Any student in Morgan County whose parents or grandparents have been members of the association for at least two years is eligible to apply.”