December 2007
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December Chores

December Chores

We have a lot of things to do for the garden in December along with outside the house chores.

Make sure the remaining leaves are raked and composted. Get your large containers for water ready to warm your cold frames and citrus trees. Make sure your thermal blankets are in good repair. Remember to check all hose bibs to make sure they are leak free. Be prepared to drain all garden hoses and exposed irrigations piping in case of freezing temperatures. Clean your gutters.

It was such a pleasant November; I was able to take cuttings from all six varieties of my hydrangeas. The cuttings are in the cold frame with bottom heat and condensation moisture right now. I checked them the other day and they have callused well, but I still haven’t spotted a root on them. They’ll be fine as long as we keep these relatively nice growing days.

Now for those of you who celebrate your holidays with an indoor tree think about doing this.

A lot of families I have gotten to know are now buying living trees instead of dying trees for their celebrations. They have told me they started a new tradition with their families by keeping a living tree inside during the family gatherings and then they have another family ritual later on by planting the live tree on their property or in a public area that has been pre-designated by the local authorities. I think this is a wonderful way to preserve the tradition of the holidays while doing something great for the environment and maybe even a local park.

Living trees, I am told by tree farmers, cost about the same as cut trees. The balled and burlapped trees don’t loose needles like the cut trees. AND…putting holiday lights on a living tree indoors is like putting them on an outdoor tree. It’s much safer!

Still, if you choose to buy your holiday tree from the local vendors, you can also benefit the environment by keeping it out of the landfills. Many local governments offer free tree pickup and recycling. You gotta love the Boy Scouts of America for their efforts and positive contributions to our society!

I was wondering if I’ll have a white Christmas like a couple of friends of mine. They took off for Cancun, Mexico in November and I think they’ll be gone for two weeks! They will certainly have white stuff under their feet! I wonder if they’ll hang Christmas lights on a palm tree like they do in that Cerveza commercial I see on TV?

Oh, well. I guess I’ll just stay here and watch 24 hours of Ralphie again on TBS! Secret…it’s the only redeeming thing to me about the season. Besides, Puff The Cat, my 23-pound Maine Coon, enjoys the attention as I scratch his head and watch the show!

Happy Winter Solstice everybody! I’ll see y’all next year!

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