August 2008
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Decades of Collecting Fulfilled In Jinright’s Country Store

by Jaine Treadwell

Click to enlargeBenny Jinright invites visitors to step inside and back into the world of yesteryear, when times were slow and there was nothing better to do than wile away time with a soda water and the company of good friends.


       Thomas Wolfe said you can’t go home again.

   He wouldn’t have said that if he had known Benny Jinright.

   Every afternoon, Jinright walks out the back door of his house in rural Pike County and down the slope and, in that short time, he is home again.

   He opens the door of the old county store, steps inside and lets his eyes wash over all the “old stuff” in the store. Once he has taken it all in, Jinright goes backout to the porch, pulls up a rocking chair and savors the comfort of being home at the old country store. What a fascinating place it is.

   Just when his fascination with old country stores began, Jinright is not sure. More likely, it was when he was a boy and visited country stores with his grandpa and stood gazing dreamily into those old display cases with wavy glass and polished wood.

   But then it could have been when his wife Susan got bitten by the “junk bug” and exposed him to the fever.