February 2015
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Anything But an “Ordinary Country Life”

  Matt and Tanner Tucker work on a chicken coop for a Mother’s Day gift for Lisa Tucker. The unusual request for a chicken coop was a way for Lisa to start her backyard chicken adventures.

Known as the “Crazy Chicken Lady,”  a popular country blogger entertains her readers with a whimsical look at everyday life.

Erma Bombeck once said, "If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it." That’s just what Lisa Tucker does. Tucker writes a popular blog entitled "My Ordinary Country Life" in which she looks at life in a whimsical way, but, for everyone who knows her, life with Lisa is anything but "ordinary."

Even though Tucker may be relatively new to the blogging world, she has a unique gift called "relatability." Tucker details the "funny" about everyday experiences, capturing the moments in an amusing way that anybody can identify with. Her candid, unpretentious words have endeared her to her followers, and their comments reflect this. Many thank her for giving them a big laugh or simply making their day. Others tell about having similar experiences or doing some of the same things Tucker pokes fun at. Her loyal readership continues to expand as more and more people find her. In fact, since starting less than 3 years ago, her posts have received over a million hits from 11 different countries.

Lisa Tucker’s chickens stroll and scratch, watched over by Rod Stewart, the rooster.  

Tucker describes herself as "a Southern gal who is married with two grown sons. I love my Lord, Jesus Christ; I love my family, my animals and life in general. I’m not particularly great at anything, and I may not teach you much, except that loving life is all in how you look at it!"

It’s obvious that Tucker looks at life with a twinkle in her eye! Ordinary moments get a lighthearted twist when she taps her keys. One day, she might be talking about decorating or cleaning or finding ways to get out of work. In her next post, she laments her addiction to "Little Debbie" snacks and shares ways to hide them from her family. Her followers may find her chatting about gardening or canning or making yard art. But her favorite posts are about her beloved chickens, and these hysterical musings have earned her the title of "Thomasville’s Crazy Chicken Lady."

  For Lisa Tucker’s birthday, Dinah Pritchett and Susan Harrigan surprised their friend with a “hen” party, including a chicken cake and chicken yard art as a gift.

Tucker proudly admits to being a "chickaholic." In one of her posts, Tucker tells about asking for a chicken coop as a Mother’s Day gift. Now, this might seem rather bizarre to most women, but, for Tucker, it was a carefully calculated way to convince her husband Shannon that she needed some chickens. Thus began the "Chicken Coop Wars," her hilarious accounts of how she convinced her carpentry-impaired husband to build her a chicken coop! Even though Shannon is a master mechanic, he does not like carpentry, but, to fulfill his wife’s Mother’s Day request, he and their two sons Tanner and Matt started on her gift, only to discover that Lisa had very elaborate plans for her brood’s living space, namely an arched doorway with French doors, window boxes, solar lighting, landscaping and much more.

Her plan worked, however, because her husband brought home nine hens (nine being her favorite number). She quickly named each one according to its plumage and personality. The red hen was named Lucy; the Dominiques, Milly and Tilly; the persnickety, older white hen, Aunt Bea; the small, cuddly hen, Nugget; and the three prissy, self-centered black hens, Kim, Kloe and Kourtney Kardashi-HENS. A friend gave her a white frizzled rooster they dubbed "Rod Stewart." The delightful moments with Rod and his girls became "Coopville Diaries," a "soap opera" in which the chickens talk about Tucker herself, among many other delightful topics. One of the most amusing moments is when the flock planned a birthday party for her that definitely went "a fowl." Ironically, a group of Tucker’s human friends had the same idea, as they surprised her by hosting a "hen" party – dressing as chickens, serving a "chicken" cake and gifting Tucker with yard art chickens for her flower beds.

The Tucker family loves the outdoors. Lisa, Shannon, Matt and Tanner Tucker with their dogs, Bucky and Breesy (named after Drew Brees), and Lisa’s favorite chicken, Nugget.  

Tucker said she did not know anything about poultry when she first decided to try her hand with backyard chickens, but she read, studied and talked to people who did have experience. Now, she is regularly tagged on the Internet for chicken-related items and advice.

Tucker’s talents aren’t just limited to blogging and raising chickens, however. She is also an aspiring photographer. Some of her work can be seen on "Be Still," her mini blog that includes religious verses and pictures. One of her most poignant tributes about life and death was after her beloved Nugget (the hen) passed away. The comments of her readers tell how her pictures and spiritual reflections have brought peace and comfort to their lives.

Lisa and Shannon operate Tucker ATV. The Tuckers love and enjoy the outdoors and all are avid hunters. Lisa mostly just tags along to be with her family, take pictures and commune with nature, but she enjoys sharing their experiences on her blog. One of her more humorous hunting posts involved a possum that homesteaded in her dog’s food bowl. How she used an oven mitt and a BB gun to remedy the situation is a delightful read.

  Gardening and canning are favorites of Lisa Tucker, who writes about her experiences on her popular blog. Lisa admits that she is a chickaholic!

Tucker points out that she is "country to the core." One of her greatest pleasures is riding in her husband’s beat-up old truck with their two dogs in the back heading to "Redneck Island," the family’s favorite sandbar on the Tombigbee River, a place she calls her "little piece of paradise." Here, they may search for cypress knees, splash in the water or sun on the white sand. They also play "redneck golf," a highly "skilled" game of trying to hit golf balls across the river. Barges, other boaters or an occasional alligator may sometimes interrupt their competitions, but never their fun. She recounts their antics in delightful prose, recommending "Redneck Island" for "stress relief."

"My blogging has become a personal diary," she laughed. "I do it because I enjoy it. I meet many people online, especially other bloggers."

She explained that she had become friends with regulars from North Carolina, New England and Canada.

"I hope one day to meet some of the other bloggers that I have chatted with. One day, I plan to catch up with many of the Alabama bloggers who meet in Fairhope on a regular basis," she commented.

Tucker looks at life with a cheerful spirit and a thankful heart and that makes her life seem far from "ordinary."

"I enjoy life, and I love getting comments where someone says, ‘You brightened my day!’" Tucker explained.

Perhaps in encouraging others to laugh at themselves and "just hang in there," Tucker has uncovered the true meaning of happiness. A country girl couldn’t ask for more!

Check out Lisa’s musings on smile99999.blogspot.com.

Carolyn Drinkard is a freelance writer from Thomasville.