January 2017
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A Message from Mia


You, too, can make a difference for an animal in need!

Hey, my name is Mia and I am a rescue dog! I am a Siberian Husky. I am very beautiful, if I say so myself. I have big blue eyes and I know how to use them to get what I want from my Mom and Dad. Yes, I guess I am a little spoiled.

I mostly have had a good life, not being abandoned or mistreated. My first owner got me as a pup and then decided I just didn’t fit in her household. A friend of hers gave me a new home with another Husky to play with and life was good until the great escape.

My friend and I escaped from our nice yard and were on the run for days! My friend got hit by a car and died. I was lucky; I was picked up and taken to the pound.

Then I was sent to my current home as a foster, but, I fit the family so well, I got to stay. I have a huge fenced-in backyard with dig wire around the bottom so I can’t go for any more strolls.

Even though they aren’t my biological pups, I am raising two rescue pups: Stony, a Heinz 57, and Princess, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Both of them were from litters that were accidents. I love my little accidents!

Okay, my babies and I have it good and I am thankful. True, I was never hurt and mistreated like the dogs at the pound told me they were. They made me cry to hear their sad stories of abuse and betrayal. So, if you can find it in your heart to care for a dog (or even a cat) that needs a home, a shelter animal will be so grateful. Trust me on that!

My babies and I are warm and toasty in our dog houses and have all the food we can eat, but many other animals aren’t this fortunate. So, this year, if you are thinking about getting a new pet, check your local shelter and find your new family member there.

P.S. My Mom said if you are considering a Husky like me, to remind you of a couple of things. As a breed, we tend to be a little mouthy and we love to get out and go for LONG walks, so make sure you have a secure yard. We are high-energy dogs and need a big yard or lots of long walks. We shed twice a year; I mean we REALLY shed. On the really positive side, I am good with well-behaved kids and other pets, as long as I consider them part of my family. Mom said to tell you that we are one of the most affectionate breeds ever and are very playful, too!!!

Happy New Year,



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